“I love that I can call a tune, for the rest of my life and I will never sing it the same way. That’s freedom, that’s provocative- That’s jazz.”

Lizzie Thomas interlaces the sweet charm of a southern belle with the deep complexity of the New York experience. Lizzie Thomas started studying classical piano at the age of 8, clarinet at 10, and at age 13 discovered her voice. She began studying classically while performing in musicals and shows during high school, which led her to study music and vocal jazz at Belmont University, in Nashville TN, with Sandra Dudley.

She recalls, “I fell in love with the improvisational spirit of jazz and the emotions proclaimed and evoked. I listened only to Billie Holiday for a year when I first heard her voice. I was mesmerized by the musical heartache in her delivery. It was Billie that taught me to sing only what was true to my heart.” 

After she was graduated with a BA in vocal jazz performance, she experimented with indie alternative bands as a keyboardist and songwriter. But her passion remained in jazz and singing the American Songbook.

She moved to New York, the jazz capital of the world. In NYC she has worked with top musicians and producers including Xavier Davis, Alvester Garnett, Michael Kanan, Ron Affif, John Colianni, Frank Lacy, Antoinne Drye, and Systems Two. She has recorded 3 album’s and released them independently. More Than You Know,  Easy To Love,  & Santa Baby. 
All available on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.

Ms Thomas performs regularly in NYC at hotels, restaurants and private parties. For eight years she has played a monthly gig at 90 Thompson St in Soho, NYC.

Her delivery of a lyric is felt from the heart and her sweet sophistication will charm you into wanting more. 
”I can’t imagine my music without Ella, Billie, Nat, and of course, Frank.

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